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We are happy to offer a free initial consultation (desktop assessment) to anybody considering the purchase of an automatic standby power solution. If a visit to your location in order conduct a more comprehensive assessment is required, we may charge for transportation and accommodation expenses. We are happy to advise on a broad range of issues by email and endeavour to ensure that your choice of generator is appropriate to your specific needs.


Further to consultation and upon request, we are able to act on your behalf to procure, transport and install generators and associated ancillaries (fuel tank, soundproofing materials, ducting, cabling etc), fully automatic mains failure transfer switch panels; then deliver, install generator, ATS, cabling, then test and commission the complete system.


This service will be available in every province of the Kingdom and administered by expatriate management with over 20 years experience in the manufacture, installation and commissioning of diesel generator sets and automatic switching systems.


If you need immediate generator advice, have a question, or comment, please feel free to contact us here