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The aim of this site is not to suggest that a stand by generator in Thailand is a necessity, but rather provide a source of information for those who recognize the value of a stand by power solution and the role it can play in business continuity.


Take any business; a guest house for example. Universally, guests will expect air conditioning, fans and other electrical conveniences to be available in rooms. Point of sale devices and internet servers to accommodate sales, bookings, marketing and guest access to the internet is an absolute must. Pumps and motors for wells and pools, water heaters, lighting… the degree to which we rely on an unfailing power supply is staggering. Unfortunately, the true value of a stand by generator is seldom realized until a power outage or deep brown-out occurs and the full effects on business operations are felt.


Business continuity is by far the most compelling reason for contemplating a stand by power solution. For the rest of us, it may simply be the inability to forgo air conditioning and cold beer when the power goes out (that’s me…!). Whatever the reason, we hope you will find enough information on this site to expand your knowledge and assist you in making an informed decision should you decide to purchase and install a generator solution in Thailand, regardless of application or size.


There are many reasons to contemplate the installation of a stand by  AC generator.


This site will attempt to answer some of the questions you may have, by delivering a broad introduction to generators and how they work (in layman’s terms wherever possible). Click on any of the links on this page or the main menu to access related information on this site.


Learn how to correctly size a generator to meet your specific needs, how to prepare your home or business for the installation of a generator and the available options for its operation and control.


If you have a question and can’t find a specific answer, feel free to pose your question using our contact form. You will receive a response by return email within 24 hours.


Good point, this is very true. The system of power generation and distribution throughout Thailand is, for the most part, extremely reliable; but few, if any power generation and distribution systems are perfect and supply interruptions do occur.


Naturally occurring phenomenon such as electrical storms have the potential to cause localised power disruptions, but the most common cause for power supply problems in Thailand are brown-out (or deep brown-out) conditions. Brown-outs may occur in locations at the end of electrical distribution lines, or during periods of heavy usage (for example, very hot days, during which air conditioning and refrigeration equipment may be operating continuously).

A brown-out is not a power outage per-se, but a drop in line voltage. The voltage may dip so low that electric motors can overheat or slow down, and many, if not all electrical appliances cease to function. The power company may occasionally reduce line voltage to brown-out levels to adequately manage power generation and distribution during periods of very heavy usage. Automatic Transfer Switch systems can monitor and manage power outages and deep brown-outs by transferring the electrical load of your home or business to a stand by generator. This process is carried out automatically and without user input, when mains voltage fails (power outage), or drops below a pre-determined level (deep brown-out).

'Sounds great... but the electrical supply in Thailand is very reliable. What possible need could I have for a standby generator...?'

Our business is located in Chok Chai, just South of Korat - Nakhon Ratchasima; the gateway to Issan and the North East. A map of our location can be found on the contact page here.


Korat is a fairly central location given that we receive enquiries from all over Thailand. We have conducted project surveys far and wide, from Chaing Rai to Hat Yai, Nakhon Sawan to Ubon Ratchatani, Rayong to Udon Thani and all points in between; distance is no object and we are happy to consider all survey requests.

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